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When to Crop an Image – or how to manage Photo bombers

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You may not consider yourself a model or the most photogenic person since sliced bread, but you do recognise a good shot when you see one, and there it is;  the lighting (perfect) … the plane flying over at just the right angle with the sea-gulls in the background (awesome) – and in the foreground …  THE perfect photo (of you)… You smile as you plan your Walkley award acceptance speech while gazing at your masterpiece … but wait! In the corner of the photo, disaster has struck in shape of a photo bomber who’s jumped in from nowhere to completely ruin the effect … What to do?

With digital photos there’s no need to hack and chop away the culprit  (put away the scissors, carving knives and hack-saw), instead you can take a deep breath and keep your cool while performing some simple and elegant cropping, thus ensuring that no one needs to know that Mr ‘So and So’ even existed (or jumped into your photo).

Image Resizer turns anyone into a photo editing expert with simple tools at your fingertips.

Apart from undesirable additions to your photographs,  there are a whole range of situations when a photo or image may benefit from being cropped:

  • Half a person, car or other object to the side your image – simple crop will make the photo look more balanced
  • When you require a fixed size image to be added to your profile or webpage – cropping to size will do the trick.
  • Crop away unnecessary parts of an image to enhance the part you want viewers to focus on.
  • Sometimes you need to turn a ‘landscape’ photo into ‘portrait’  or vice versa (similar to fixed size mentioned above).
Remember – always save your edited masterpiece with a different name to avoid overwriting the original.