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HOW TO USE IMAGE RESIZER - In 3 easy steps...

  1. 1. Upload

    Upload or Drag and Drop - click on the upload icon and select an image to upload from your computer. Or 'drag and drop' an image straight into Image Resizer from your desktop. Once uploaded or dropped inside Image Resizer you are ready to resize and crop - so easy!

  2. 2. Resize & Crop

    Resize and Crop - select Resize or Crop in the toolbar above your image.  To RESIZE, simply move your mouse to the bottom right hand corner and then move the corner to the size you require. The current size (in pixels) is shown in the bottom left corner; so you can get it close pretty easily. To CROP (so you can get it exact if the ratio is different), place your mouse at a position on the image which you want as the corner, and then holding the mouse 'down' drag the box to the size you need. You can then adjust the box, or move it around on the image to 'fine tune'. Make sure sure you click on the TICK icon at the top to save each stage - when Resizing or Cropping.

  3. 3. Download

    Download – Once you have resized and cropped simply Click the download button to save your masterpiece (make sure you save it with a different name to avoid overwriting the original image file if you are saving it to the same location).

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Handy hints

  • Click the reset button to start over or clear your session before leaving. At any point you can use the undo/redo buttons to step back or forward between the changes you have performed.

  • You can crop away parts of an image by selecting the crop icon (2 overlapping set-squares). Use your mouse to drag the handles to the size you require - any greyed-out area will be cropped away.

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  • To resize the image, click the resize button (2 diagonal arrows), then simply use the 'drag' handle at the bottom right corner of your image to resize the image to the required size.

  • Image resizer accepts a range of file types: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, making it a versatile solution for editing your images on the fly. Need to resize your company logo, wedding photos or images to display on your website - Image Resizer is here to help!

  • Don't worry if you make a mistake ... Just use the undo button to go back to the previous state (or the one before that), you can go back as far as 10 steps if you need to, so there is no need to panic with Image Resizer!

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